MOLLY G PRODUCTION is a small audio/visual company with over 25 years of professional experience. We specialise in affordable video work, for productions where the costs of video filming would normally be unacceptable for the production budget available. This could typically include school plays, seasonal productions, GCSE drama , music shows, sports events etc.


A very basic production, (see below for advanced productions) would consist of four cameras and a simple audio microphone system for sound pickup. Two cameras cover general and whole stage filming, whilst the other two cover close up and specific shots.

Audio would normally be recorded from a radio microphone over or in front of the performance area. The footage is then edited to include film from all cameras, to give production values which would include normal picture transitions and dissolves etc. The advantage of this type of filming, is that all stage action is covered at all times and if an action is missed at the live mix, it can be easily edited in at post production stage. Titles and credits could also be edited in from a list supplied by yourselves. Sleeve artwork will be prepared from stills taken from the show, or of course the school could encourage the pupils to design artwork which we could scan in and print.

School Productions


If the strategy is properly planned, then the cost to the school is effectively NOTHING! The common factor in many of these types of production is invariably the wish of parents and friends to see their children perform. In today’s political climate however, the indiscriminate filming by parents of school events is frequently frowned upon, particularly as there is no control over where the footage may be used. We give the distribution rights of the recorded work to the school, enabling them to maintain control of the finished work.

Our approach to the costings, is to enable the school to fund the filming of the event by selling DVDs of the production to parents friends and helpers. Naturally, as a company we need to make a profit from our service, so there would be a minimum quantity of DVDs ordered from us to cover this. The actual numbers and costs would depend on your expected sales and naturally the school could choose simply to cover costs or add profit for their own funds. Any extra DVDs required above initial cost coverage would be at a reduced price, enabling genuine school fund raising to be achieved. (See below for example costing)


We are able to expand our basic service if required, where separate cameramen may be necessary for certain types of production. These could include complex productions or sports events which may need to have a number of events individually followed. There may also be a requirement for more sophisticated audio mixing, where perhaps orchestral performances are involved. We can also provide conference production services, where live screens may be needed for audience viewing, powerpoint presentations or separate room viewing. We are always happy to discuss any requirements you may have.


It is always useful to have a realistic idea of what a basic production would cost, so here is an example of the costings and requirements for a recent production at an infants school in Ely.

The production was for the year two children and the show length was about 45 minutes. We attended the first run of the show to get an idea of the structure and discuss the schools last minute requirements. On the day of the filming, we arrived approximately 2 hours before start time, to set up the equipment on the 8ft x 6ft platform that we had been provided with at the back of the hall. This enables us to film above the heads of the audience. The filming proceeded normally with producer/cameraman and 2nd camera operator, plus 2 locked off cameras. Editing was completed within a few days in our editing suite and cast credits added from an email list supplied by the school. In this instance the School prepared their own artwork, but normally we would prepare artwork from pictures taken from the video.

The basic package includes 25 DVDs at £10 each for this sort of production. That covers our basic costs and enables the school to sell to parents at cost price, only needing to sell the 25 copies to cover their outlay. As £10 is considerably less than most school photos, our feedback from schools is that the price is extremely reasonable. Any quantities of DVDs ordered by parents over the base 25, are supplied by us at £5 each. In this particular example, the parents ordered a total of 57 copies at £10 each, for which the school received £570.00. Our own costs were £250 for the base 25 copies and £160 for the extra 32.

Profit for the school was £160.00 for a small production, but naturally with larger schools and potential customers, sales could be much greater. This example was the third production for the same school over a 12 month period. The staff have informed us that parents have been delighted with the quality of the productions, preferring to buy their own as a serious keepsake of their child's early school years.

If you would like to discuss our filming of your own school production, please contact us at your convenience and speak to Roger or Claire.

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