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Three Dimensional videography and photography is something that we have been experimenting with and refining for some time. We have also been photographing weddings in 3d since 2009 and carrying out test 3d video filming. The response has been very encouraging, with people being very surprised at the depth and realism of the pictures, particularly those that have never seen 3d before.

3D Photography is not new, in fact it is a century and a half old, being particularly popular in Victorian times. However the advent of digital technology has meant that this fascinating art form has become easier to view in both print and screen formats.

3D photography and video, gives space and depth to a scene in a way that conventional photography never can. This is achieved by digitally processing two images just as our eyes do, to give the impression of real depth. Just look at our examples to see for yourself!

3D Video Production and Photography, what is it all about?

3D Videography is much more complex than taking still pictures, and we have been testing and working with cameras and techniques for several years. One of our aims was to achieve a viewer satisfaction that was approaching the standard set in the film 'Avatar' probably the peak of 3d cinematography. This required us to be able to provide full colour wide screen HD 3d output to the currently available 3d tvs, using the type of glasses familiar to users of these systems. We needed to achieve something approaching that standard, but on a budget that brought the end product within the reach of a much wider client base.

Although we are able to produce 3d work for viewing in a number of formats, our usual customer requirement is for full colour 3d tv output. This gives the type of 3d performance that you will be familiar with if you have seen Avatar, or have viewed a 3d tv.

We are also able to supply in the anaglyph format, which utilises red and cyan viewing glasses. Although they alter the viewed colours slightly, (mainly red based colours) they make viewing possible to many people at the same time without the need for other equipment. The preferred method of viewing anaglyph pictures is to either print them out, or to view on a computer screen. Many TV screens are not suitable however, although some of the latest high resolution, high definition models may be. They can also be projected for large screen viewing. Because the most easily accessible format uses the red and cyan glasses, some people need to take a little time for their eyes to adjust, but most people see the full effect immediately. Those that won't be able to view, will be sufferers from colour blindness or greatly reduced vision in one eye.

We should also point out that 3d video filming is much more complex than conventional 2d work, although our new cameras have greatly reduced the editing time. We estimate that editing time is around 3 times longer. This means of course that a 3d wedding will cost  more than a 2d one, however, once you have seen an example, you will understand what a huge and stunning leap forward in reality viewing the 3D wedding really is.

The 3D Wedding Video Package is supplied on BluRay disc, or SD/USB cards if preferred. The package also includes 3 conventional 2d versions of the video and 250 3d and 2d pictures on DVD/USB for computer or 3d tv viewing. There is also the option of printed 3d and 2d Wedding Albums containing 3d or 2d still pictures which help to make up a unique and fascinating record of your special day.  

The 3D Photo Only Package is an add on to the standard 2d Wedding Video package.  Still pictures are taken in a Reportage style whilst video filming is under way, using high resolution HD video and still cameras. In this way, the stills are totally non intrusive, although we are quite happy to set up poses to your requirements in a more conventional way. You will be supplied with 250 3d and 2d pictures on DVD/USB for computer or 3d tv viewing and the option of 3d and 2d printed albums if required. We can also supply your pictures on a digital photo frame.

What else can we do with the 3D stills?

The 3D pictures can also be printed out on your own inkjet printer to make fascinating hand held or framed prints, and can be given to friends and family as a unique and unusual memory of a wonderful day.

We are also now able to supply stunning 3D LENTICULAR PRINTS from your pictures, which can be mounted or framed and give a 3d picture without the need for special glasses.  These remarkable pictures need to be viewed to appreciate just how innovative they really are. They are printed by our partner company in the USA,  and we believe that we are possibly the first

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(NOTE-Although we normally provide 3d output for use with 3d tvs, we are aware that this is specialised technology, so have provided the demo pictures on this page in the older style, which is easy to view with easily available glasses, but will affect the colour slightly. Please view these demo images with Red and Cyan glasses, red over the left eye. Molly G can supply 3D glasses if required or you may book an appointment to view full colour examples in the 3d tv style)

In addition to the digital photo or printed album options  offered as part of our 3d package, Molly G can also supply the finished pictures on DVD/USB for computer or 3d tv viewing, giving maximum flexibilty. Two pairs of high quality acrylic anaglyph viewing glasses are also included with every package and we can supply extra glasses if required. For casual fun use, we can also supply extra cardboard framed anaglyph viewing glasses in any quantity at low cost.

company to make wedding lenticulars available at affordable prices in the UK.

Please also note that the 3d Photo Package is available is available as a joint video and photo package