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VIDEO When filming has been completed, the next stage is the editing. Normally this would be started once we have all the required information to finish. This would include your choice of music, any family photos or other additions, plus the editing form with names of the relevant people and thanks, for end titles.


The editing is accomplished by digitising the original footage into the editing computers and then constructing the finished edited work from all of the shots that have been taken. This involves using the editors skill to give visual flow to the production, to keep it interesting to watch and take out the bits that you don't want - people standing in front of the camera, cameraman's feet, any language or comments that would be offensive etc. There are also the details of adding transitions between different scenes, smoothing sound and adding titles, which are all part of the editors work.

In addition there are extras and variations that the client may require, such as childhood to engagement photos from the couple’s family albums. Perhaps wedding invitations, order of service, music from the client for the start and finishing sequences. We also take still pictures from the footage or photos if we are taking those, to include as an end sequence, showing scenes from the day with credits overlaid where appropriate. Editing is a time consuming process and it would normally take about five days continuous work to complete.

Once this process is complete, the finished edit is then converted to DVD and HD USB and artwork prepared ready for final delivery. We also take around 40-50 stills from the footage or photos that that we have taken, for end credits,  All copyright is transferred to you on payment, so you may make any extra copies for yourself as required.

PHOTOGRAPHY (See separate page) Those of you who also book the combined Full Day Photography and Video Package will have a minimum of 250 photos on DVD/USB, or at least 500 photos for the Photo only package, for use as you wish. As we give you copyright to all images, you may of course wish to make your own prints or albums,

3D There is much more editing and processing time required with 3D Video and Stills, and we may need to liaise with you for suitable viewing formats. This is not a problem, but will take considerably longer than non 3D work.


We prefer to deliver the finished work personally to the client to ensure that it runs correctly on their equipment and check end credits for accuracy.  As a matter of course we keep all edited work on the computers for a minimum of fourteen days to allow for post delivery corrections. As wedding editing consumes up to eighty gigabytes of hard drive space, it is not practical to store for longer than this, however, we do keep an archive copy of all our weddings for any future copies or replacements.

Our policy on all wedding productions is that the client is paying for our filming and editing and the copyright to the finished work belongs to them. In practice, this means that you are entitled to make any copies that you wish without recourse to ourselves, once payment for our service has been made but of course you may come back to us if you prefer

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We do retain the artistic right to our work, for the purposes of promotion of our service. We will of course also be delighted to make extra copies for you if required.